The courses studied within the Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) faculty help students enrich their understanding of the world and different cultures.  Students examine the relationships shared by different nations and cultures, and assess the impact of these relationships on Australians.  Students also develop essential skills and knowledge for being active and responsible citizens.

Students undertake a compulsory study of a variety of courses within the HSIE faculty.  These include History, Geography and Work Education.

The HSIE faculty also offers a wide range of elective courses.  These courses are not mandatory, and therefore run when students choose to undertake a study of these.  These include History (Elective) in Stage 5, Aboriginal Studies in both Stage 5 and Stage 6, and Modern History and Geography in Stage 6.

For more information about the HSIE faculty, please contact Angela Doggett, Head Teacher HSIE, on 68722522.