The study of science provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of some of the basic laws, theories and principles of biology, chemistry, physics and other scientific fields and their application.

It includes an examination of the technology that uses these laws, theories and principles and the impact of this science and technology on society. Courses reflect the interdisciplinary nature of science and focus on the interdependence of science, technology and society.

This subject aims to encourage students to develop a range of practical skills including the use of current instrumentation, information technology and an increased ability to communicate understanding.

It develops a student's understanding:

·         Of science as a continually developing body of knowledge;

·         Of the role of experimentation in deciding between competing theories;

·         Of the provisional nature of scientific explanations.

In addition, this course develops further understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of science, the complex relationship between evidence and ideas and the impact of science on society.


For more information please contact Andrew McKay, Head Teacher Math/Science on 6872 2522.