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Last updated 9:31 AM on 14 December 2011

Now that you've received your HSC results, you may need help with what to do next.

A free phone and email careers advisory service is available for students and their families from Thursday 15 December 2011 to Friday 6 January 2012, and is provided by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Experienced careers advisers will be available on 1300 300 687 or via the Careers Advisory Service website to answer your enquiries and provide advice about career and study options.

If you need assistance in clarifying course choices, employment opportunities, career pathways or training options, just phone or email for advice.

It includes information about:

·         careers, training, study, employment and gap year options

·         TAFE NSW and university application processes and courses

·         choices for students with a higher or lower than expected ATAR

·         changes to preferences.

The service builds on the range of career education and transition planning activities undertaken during the year.   It also complements the services provided by the Board of Studies NSW, The Universities Admissions Centre, TAFE NSW, universities and other providers.