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Last updated 12:48 PM on 14 May 2012

Shakespeare's reputation and language can seem daunting. So how do you make his work accessible? How do you open up his extraordinary world to your teen?

Here are some tips from Bell Shakespeare's artistic director John Bell.   

  • Watch a good live Shakespeare production or DVD to get a feel for the language.
  • Read a text that comes with a translation in modern language; it can help kids understand the language better.
  • Suggest to your teen to imagine they are a detective who has to do some sleuth work to really understand the play.
  • Discuss what aspects of human nature the play focuses on, and relate it to current events.
  • Tell your teen not to worry about the language; concentrate on the characters, the dilemmas, the problems they face, and find out how to identify with the protagonists in the story.

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