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Last updated 10:55 AM on 15 September 2011

This is a new website launched by the Australian Government on 28 January, 2010.

The My School website provides a snapshot of every government and non-government school in Australia.

The website offers a short description of each school and its community, the number of students and teachers, student attendance rates, and student results in new national tests in reading, writing and maths for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

These tests took place in 2008 and 2009 and are known as the NAPLAN tests (the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy).

Watch: a video of the Director-General of the NSW Department of Education and Training, Michael Coutts-Trotter, explain the My School website.

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How can I use the information on the My School website?

Using information on the My School website you can compare our school's NAPLAN results with:

  • schools that are similar to ours (schools serving similar student populations)
  • the average performance of all primary or secondary schools in Australia
  • a list of up to 20 schools located near your selected school.

Does the website create a league table of schools?

No. The My School site does not rank schools in a league table. It aims to make meaningful comparisons between similar schools.

What does "similar schools" mean?

To allow a realistic comparison, the My School website groups schools according to factors such as similar socio-economic backgrounds and geographic locations.

Some students' academic results can be affected by their background and where they live. For example, a school may have a significant number of refugees who've missed years of schooling.

While their NAPLAN scores may be relatively low, these students may have progressed significantly during their time at their new school. To compare these students' performance or the school's achievement with the results of students who have enjoyed a continuous education is unfair and misleading.

In the same way, selective schools bring together high-achieving students from many different locations and their results may not be indicative of other schools in their geographic area.

Does the My School website tell the whole story about a school's effectiveness?

The NAPLAN test results - which form the basis of the My School site - can't provide you with a complete picture of what our school is doing. The range of extra-curricula activities, sporting achievements, performing art, debating, P&C involvement, and teacher career development are also important factors to consider when comparing schools.

The NAPLAN results are snapshot tests taken at one point in the year and sample only part of what students learn.

Information from the My School website should complement what you learn from your child's reports, annual school reports, parent-teacher talks, our website and the NSW Public Schools website.

What should I do if I am concerned about what I find on the My School website?

If you are unsure or concerned about any of the information on the My School website please get in touch with our school principal, who will be happy to help you.

Go to the My School website to find out more.