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Last updated 12:04 PM on 11 May 2016



Desert Pea Media Productions are coming to Bourke High School.

Bourke High School, with the support of The Healing Foundation and NSW Outback Division of General Practice, has secured funding for a Desert pea Media Project.

 In Australia in 2016, many Indigenous Australians continue to suffer huge disadvantages, both culturally and socially, as a direct consequence of our shameful history of racism and violence. Many Aboriginal people continue to feel the effects of generational trauma on a daily basis. This is, sadly, demonstrated by lower life expectancy rates and high rates of unemployment, suicide, incarceration, isolation and substance abuse.

DPM uses the process of contemporary storytelling to genuinely engage and empower participants. They provide the support and tools to allow young participants to explore local cultural and social issues and tell their story through high quality and relevant mediums.

What does that mean to our school and community?

DPM work with elders, young people, community leaders and local service providers to ensure every program is relevant, engaging and appropriate to their needs and those of their communities. Local community members, elders will be invited to come in on the first day for a morning tea to get a "feel" for the issues they believe are pertinent to their young people and to engage in the process.

We need staff and community members to consider how they would like to contribute to the process, artistically, vocally, costumes, symbolism etc

This exciting project provides BHS, as a community, to reflect and tell our Local cultural history – Bourke's cultural identity….We can get our young people to tell who they are and where they are from. DPM's involvement will help our young people own their story.

Ownership of the artistic and storytelling process is with the students. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills in a modern artistic manner. Not only will DPM engage with the singers and dancers of our school, they will actively seek young people who are at risk of disengaging from school and community to invite them into this project, whereby students are developing skills of resilience and success and standing up proudly to put forward a message they believe in.

Community members and staff are asked to think about what issues are pertinent to our community and how we are use this creative process to highlight some issues that are continuing to hold our young people back.

May 16 – 20 will be an exciting week in the history of Bourke and Bourke High School.