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Last updated 12:34 PM on 20 July 2016




Text Box: Independent Reading

During Semester Two, we will be running an independent reading program for all students in the morning roll marking session.

As a part of this program, students will be borrowing a book from the library, or bringing a novel of their own choosing from home. A key aspect of the independent reading program is the ability for students to choose what they want to read.

Students are taught reading strategies in short, 5 minute ‘reading conferences' with teachers. This also gives them a chance to talk about what they enjoy, and engage them actively with books.

Students will also be taught a different strategy each week to help them improve their reading.

We'd love for you to take some time at home to read with your child, or talk about the book they are reading. Share some of your favourite novels or stories, or perhaps read a novel when your child has finished with it.

Independent Reading can dramatically improve your child's literacy. Reading also develops our ability to think critically and to empathise with others.