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Last updated 8:32 AM on 4 February 2016

Principal's Report

Welcome back to the 2016 school year.  Years 7, 11, and 12 students return to school on Thursday 4th February, with Years 8, 9 and 10 returning on Friday 5th February.

The school swimming carnival will be held on Wednesday 17th February and we have received late notice of an invite for a small group of students to go to Dubbo on Thursday 11th February to participate in a Bangarra Dance workshop.  Ms Jedrezejak, PDHPE teacher, will be making the arrangements and will be in contact with the families of selected students. 

New staff commencing in term one are Mr James Warne, Head Teacher Support, Ms Sarah Douglas, English teacher, and two Mathematics teachers:  Mr Gabor Holmik and Mr Richard Singer.  Mr Warne has previously taught at Bourke High School, while more recently he has been the AP at Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education. Ms Douglas was previously at Bourke Public school, while Mr Holmik is from Albury and Mr Singer the Central Coast.  Two other vacancies include a member of the administrative staff and the student support officer position.  Currently replacements for these positions are dependent on authorisation from School Administrative and Support Staffing Services. 

The first P & C Meeting for the term will be on the evening of Tuesday 23rd February at 5.30pm in the school library.  This meeting will be the AGM for 2016 and new parents and carers of new students are particularly welcome.  Light refreshments will be available.

Thank you to Ms Joan Dickson, Senior Leader Community Engagement Officer, who has updated the schools website during the school vacation.  The address is:


Parents and carers are asked to contact the school telephone 68722522 in the first instance if they believe that their child is having any issues at school or if they have any concerns.  In most cases where there are problems this will assist in matters being dealt with expeditiously.

We apologise that we do not have a full complement of school uniforms available for the start of the school year which we understand will be disappointing for our families. Maintaining an appropriate standard of school uniform is important for the majority of families and the school community. Bourke High School is a small school and while it has taken responsibility to purchase uniforms from school funds on behalf of our community, we do not keep a large stock of uniforms due to the costs involved. Many schools manage their uniform needs through external sales by clothing shops, which need to make a profit on their investment or through a P & C run clothing shop, sometimes attached to school canteens. The Bourke High School model involves the school selling uniforms at or below cost to encourage its wearing by students. After meetings were held last year to consult with the community regarding changing our uniform, an order was placed with the supplier in October to have the new uniform manufactured. We were informed that there would be a 10-12 week waiting period. During December the supplier contacted the school to indicate that they could not meet the original supply date that we had been provided. Currently we have the existing school shirt uniform stock in all sizes except for sizes 12 and 14. In stock we are holding sizes 8, 10, medium, large, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL. We also stock all sizes in sports uniform. Please note that a difficulty faced by schools purchasing and selling uniform on behalf of their community is selling ‘old' stock when there are agreed uniform changes. As soon as the new uniform arrives parents and carers will be notified. Parents with uniform concerns are invited to contact the Principal telephone 68722522.

                                                                                                   Rob Bourke