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Last updated 5:41 PM on 7 October 2011

Year 7 and 8 Yearly Examinations
Next week Year 7 and 8 have their yearly examination period scheduled. Teachers will inform students this week of when their examination will take place. These examinations will take place in class.

Year 9 Yearly Examinations
Week 5 is scheduled for Year 9 to have their yearly examinations. These examinations will take place in class and will be spread out throughout the week.

Year 10 School Certificate

Your child/ward will be sitting their examinations at Bourke Christian Church on Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of November. This is on the corner of Tarcoon and Anson St. The computer skills practice test will take place at Bourke High School.


The examination timetable will be:


Monday 8th of November

English Examination 9.20am-11.30am

Science Examination 12.50pm-3.00pm


Tuesday 9th November

Mathematics Examination 9.20am-11.30am

HSIE Examination 12.50pm-3.00pm


Wednesday 10th November

Computer Skills Test

Location: Bourke High School

Time: 11.45am start


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