Student Representatives

Student representative's message

The SRC leed many fundraising events throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for worthwhile causes including Red Nose Day, Jeans for Genes and Pink Ribbon Day. The focus was on awareness raising and how these issues affect our community.

The SRC also help stage the Nibble and Natter, mother's day event's and Boys' Bonanza father's day celebration.

In the past the SRC has purchased equipment to support the school and facilitate future fundraising events including a BBQ.

The SRC implemented leadership days assist to foster and develop leadership skills and motivation. These have been very successful.

The SRC is also kept busy staging discos throughout the year.


2016 SRC Representatives

Matthew Knight - Captain

Emma Cunningham - Captain

Samantha O'Shannessy - Vice Captain

Year 7 - Katie Brookson and Bradley Parnaby
Year 8 - Lekeisha Orcher and Sophie Mathews
Year 9 - Hayleigh Hollmam, Tyrone Sutton and Mathew Bowden
Year 10 - Anna Brown and Georgia Hardwick
Year 11 - Julie Knight and Alister Hull